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The Sauce

"The Sauce," a family secret originally founded by the late Amos "Amo" Keys and Eventually Mastered by none other than Quentin Keys Sr. (Founder of Que's Open Pit BBQ, St. Petersburg, Florida) 

"The Sauce" has a unique flavor, and a tangy twist that will keep you dipping, squeezing, and guessing. The sauce is recommended by 75 South BBQ, not only for BBQ and smoked meats, but a spectrum of dishes including Burgers, Fries, and Seafood. 

(Amos Lee Keys Sr. Pictured above)

Quentin Keys SR

Que's Open Pit BBQ, founded in 2010 provided a number of delicious southern smoked bbq items & sides to the Tampa Bay Area while sitting on 4 wheels. Ques Open Pit BBQ was formally one of the largest and most awarded food trucks in the Tampa Bay Area. Que's was eventually sold in 2014 after Quentin Sr. suffered a massive stroke. Quentin Sr. continues to support our new company 75 South BBQ & Event Catering and is considered a Master Griller, and an Honorary Founder of 75 South BBQ & Event Catering. 


 Que's Open Pit BBQ

75 South BBQ & Event Catering

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